The fall morning chill calls for wrapping up in a warm quilt when sipping coffee on the porch unwilling to let the summertime routine go. A candle is lit to chase away darkness while waiting impatiently for the sun to rise.

Fall brings a change in mood dropping like a cold stone in water and with it more somber thoughts fraught with dire warnings. Hopeful or fearful? A choice becoming more challenging as the short days bring cold gloom especially with the pandemic striking harder as people gravitate indoors and the flu injects its threatening tragedy compounding the fright.

Shuttering doors and windows feels like shuttering my soul, confined into smaller spaces that suffocate. Combating that effect takes effort and will. Cast light where there is darkness, bring hope where’s there’s despair.

Small things bring pleasure and sparkle; making a card for my grand-daughter’s birthday, an oversized card decorated with shiny embellishments and innovative lettering, chicken soup and home-made bread for Shane’s family sick with colds. (but no Covid as they tested negative, testing required by the school in order to return), and putting together Matilda, the happy faced pumpkin who easily returns every year just by applying buttons with pins and a little rouge.

It’s a historically rough period, adding on to existing stresses. Whatever pleasures sought, albeit how small, help to elevate happiness, peace, and equanimity.


3 thoughts on “MATILDA

  1. I am so sorry to read that this time of year brings you extra stress……it must be so difficult for you to constantly read how this is their favorite time of year when you are having increased struggles…….sending you gentle hugs.


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