photos by Patricia

The day burns bright as the sun’s red rosy glow turns golden. The warmth on the patio is soaked up with the knowledge that it won’t last much longer as the days grow shorter and cooler. The meadow yawns invitingly and all I want to do is walk it, and walk I do, lap after lap throughout the day.

Deer stare, then leap away. Bunnies so little in springtime, now bigger, freeze in the path only a few feet away before hopping into the golden rod filled meadow. A rustle in the tall grasses signals other critters are also disturbed by my footfalls.

The yellow flowers in the wild gardens grow tall in their splendor, waving in the breeze as they light up in the sunshine. The stillness permeates my being, settling my heart rate while resting creek-side, quieting me with peace right to my very core.

After fighting summer’s departure, fall is finally welcomed with all its magical nuances, the moments that take my breath away with their beauty; the sparkle as the sun hits a glittering string of gems, the dew just as sparkly as if crowned with diamonds, birds noisily gathering like a blanket in the yard suddenly swirling away in a cloud. The joys of the season unfold…


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