“So what’s on the agenda today?” I ask Samuel as we sit sipping coffee on the patio. Though warmer than yesterday, it seemed to suddenly turn fall-like.

Quiet, no comment, he just grunts. Of course each day follows the other without any big deal happening, yet my own answer floats up silently.

The meadow and all of its blissful splendors is where my feet will take me. And in the moment if unafraid to go there. Always up before Samuel the first cup of fresh brew is sipped on the porch which is becoming cooler and cooler as the sun moves farther away.

The tendency is to go do something, whether the computer, go watch news, anything besides sit quietly. But sitting, going deeper, is the only way to know myself. Accustomed to leaving my body readily, therefore also leaving my soul to live only in my head, feelings go unnoticed which leads to acting out in ways without control or insight.

Sitting going deeper, my body begins to relax, and the work of the day reminds me about love, gentleness, and kindness to self. Because the ‘buck stops here.’ Here is where those sources must flow because all of the kindnesses or love from others cannot be felt without it.

So the big question of what today brings comes from within. When going deeper the little nuances of each day are magnified; the strawberry scented candle warmer suddenly more aromatic, the slight scent of chlorine wafting from the pool while padding out to scrub the birdbath bringing back memories of summer fun as a kid, or the sun striking the bubbles as they rise above me over the patio from the bubble machine.

All the little things when living in my head not my soul go wasted rather than felt deeply. The magic is in the moment, not waiting for magic but making it happen by being here now. 


2 thoughts on “MAGIC

    1. I used to call what I do zooming out until blogging when I learned it was dissociation. Being present was too scary. When learning to meditate over 15 years ago I began to moments of being present and feeling safe. Moments have grown to more extended periods over time. But I still do it at times.


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