Our Leader, the KILLER

Too cautious, or prudent? We choose not to spend time with Shane and family causing an emptiness inside, yet my need to stay safe is that strong. My friends and both sons are engaged with their in-laws without social distance or masks The envy felt is palpable.

We discuss our options yet still come up with the same conclusions, no way. Strange times, strange world. Death is inevitable but now death feels too close, almost imminent. And in those moments fear grows to low level terror.

Tomorrow the leader of our country, in my opinion, is committing murder to feed his ego. We don’t have a national plan of how to re-open safely. That would allow for each state to open in ways that meet different needs, and each region of each state’s needs.

The hodgepodge of re-openings are disastrously killing many who needn’t have died as the numbers keep climbing. Will no one take the reins of reason and guide the nation appropriately?  

He is too lazy and caught up in ego feeding along with late night attack tweets. He has made statements that he’d rather his cult does not wear masks at his ego feeding rally tomorrow in Tulsa.

Tulsa is already spiking with virus infections, skyrocketing straight up. And health officials are practically begging for him to cancel. Can no one stop this murderous lunatic?

Doesn’t anyone remember the Jonestown mass suicide, drinking the poisoned punch, even the children? Our leader, a Jim Jones replica, sickens my stomach with the deaths to come at his doing.

He has killed thousands already with inaction early on, calling it a hoax doing nothing despite numerous warnings. His murderous actions continue… all to feed his ever expanding ego.

Lacking the ability to feel, have empathy, or love, a psychopath. The deaths to come outrage me at my core, crippling with feelings of helplessness. How has this come to pass? Such a perverted, twisted criminal in the highest seat of the land. Those that allowed this are as guilty, even more so. 

2 thoughts on “Our Leader, the KILLER

  1. Is it wrong that I hope he gets sick from his rally? That maybe this will help him begin to understand? Sick enough that he needs to be hospitalized for several days, including perhaps some ventilator assistance. Not death, but a kick in the head. But would it even make a difference?

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