Feeling no right to have the feelings, there they are anyway. With so much at my fingertips, the land, more than enough food, and financial security, the feelings imploding are pushed away unsuccessfully. 

Fear climbs in replacing everything else. Then depression swirling darkly swallowing me without permission. With a psychotic madman at the helm, (calling him president is lunacy) people will die in record numbers.

No one leads governors with a cohesive plan that includes all states so many are letting the public loose without restrictions, or little of them. In two weeks masses of people will become infected increasing deaths horrifically.

Idyllic is the land opening to the wonders and pleasures of spring, but guilt comes with it due to feeling powerless. Money can be given to food banks, but what else? The lazy stupid person in the White House destroys everything good.

His hate for Obama has driven him to reverse all that he could with a stroke of his pasty pale, limp, doughy hand. Americans wait extra weeks for stimulus checks because the ego driven pompous ass ordered the treasury to hold up checks so his name would be on them. 

People cannot put food on the table but will just have to endure. When the checks finally come they will be tarnished.  

The traitor is evil, causing death, disaster, and disease, even going after his own health expert because he doesn’t like what he says. Schools may not be able to open safely in the fall. But the Donald wants them open anyway, no matter children will die and spread disease.

Go after Dr. Fauci? The only sound person in that bunch of lunatics who for weeks stood altogether breathing their toxic germs on each other? He often stood apart, as far from them as he could. He is the only one possessing grace, expertise, and most importantly character. He cannot be bought and owned.

Rand Paul did the same in the hearings, extremely rude, attacking the scientist. The doctor has suffered the Donald and all his shenanigans somehow remaining cordial. A skill the Donald does not possess. His chooses instead to attack and complain like an overgrown baby, tweeting criticisms as cowardly bullies do. 

How can we as a society put up with such tyranny? Repressing the directives of the CDC, an agency we pay for? Keeping specific instructions of how to re-open safely from the public because that way will take too long? The Donald wanting it open now so that the economy grows even as lives are lost needlessly.

More than my own safety, the one at the helm brings up a flood of rage as we move towards the darkest winter ever known. My hate for him destroys my pleasure and peace momentarily, but life goes on. 

The sun shines drawing me out to the patio with a chat on the phone with a friend. For hours we talk as if sitting together drinking tea. Warmth soaks in relaxing my body thoroughly like a hot bath.

After a late breakfast which had been left on the stove when my friend called, outside again to plant saplings. More glorious hours in the sunshine with my hands in dirt, birds singing melodically, the work enjoyable. The brilliantly blue cloudless day took me away.  


2 thoughts on “TYRANNY

  1. donald trump is a walking disaster, and a very very selfish, ignorant asshole. I dont know how he can call himself a leader. He is not. Ireland is reopening slowly over the next 6 months. america should be doing the same. xoxo


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