photos by Patricia

This period in our lives is stunning, an event unimagined. These things happen to other eras, not mine. Then the start in of why now, why us?

Which does nothing to help with the fortitude necessary going forward, remembering the extreme, difficult periods of ancestors; polio, World Wars, the Spanish Flu, and if going farther back, plagues and other maladies wiping out populations en masse.

Each day the situation needs acceptance all over again. Waking, the first thought is the pandemic with imposed isolation which may need a new normal once a vaccine is found. My own situation ought not to depress me.

We aren’t in a city where the streets are off limits with parks closed or exposing one to danger if too busy. But the knowledge that there’s no escape is confining. There is nowhere to run. That is another life lesson accepted daily even before this began.

Nowhere to run. It is a time of continued introspection. While many find comfort in their religious faith by gathering on-line, my quest is an inner one, into my body opening my heart. We are together in spirit no matter what religion, faith, or belief- separate as one.




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