The Fuck-Up

The thrumming of fear vibrates louder during news that draws me closer despite how it pokes at the terror of the unknown. Knowing is important, yet knowing is heightening the scare.

Our state closed all bars and restaurants last night. Although the city schools near us have closed already, Governor Cuomo also wisely closed all New York State schools starting tomorrow. Testing of course is still a fiasco, unavailable to the extent needed, far far from it. 

He has asked the Donald for the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary hospitals, and to have companies produce ventilators along with protective gear including respirator masks. My wish is that our governor was president right now.

These are the right actions, but the Donald is unresponsive even though many governors are asking for national guidance…getting none. Cuomo states it is wartime. A time for companies that produce one thing to switch over to make necessary gear that we need en masse for the coming months.

Do it now so we are ready for the influx of patients that need hospitalization. But Dumb Donald is as usual doing nothing except patting himself on the back about how great he is.

We need a leader to lead the leaders. It is not the Donald, making my heart fall into despair. Others are trying to pick up where our slacker of a president won’t. He holds the power to do what is needed but can’t seem to be bothered.  

The time to act is now. It’s not happening on the national level. Governors are asking for help, the Donald tells them to do it on their own.

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