The Plague of BAD Leadership

He has so many chances to rise above his pettiness and be a man of character, yet fails. Even in this time of crisis while we await the arrival of the pandemic, our children at risk, grand-children, and ourselves. Even now he says it is the Democrats using the situation to make him look bad.

This isn’t a leader who instills comfort or confidence, a severely lacking person at the helm who has cut the programs which monitor illnesses that put our citizens at risk. A person with so little self-esteem it is always about himself and how he looks, a withering soulless, ghost of a man.

And no one is safe from him, the pain and destruction he is causing by his shallow heartlessness and lack of courage. A person at the helm making things so much worse, helping to cause death to citizens because he is more interested in himself.

Prayers for safety to people for what’s to come. We are not prepared, nor do we have people in leadership positions who can handle it, or know what to do. There is fear in the pit of my stomach. Prayers and hand-sanitizers feels like no defense, or protection at all, yet I pray… for him, for all of us.

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