A lover of ballet since childhood, it is heartening to see my grand-daughters use their bodies in beautiful ways. One, only 2, is learning gymnastics. The other, 7, has been taking a variety of dance classes since the age of 3. The one she excels at is ballet, my passion.

Dance class wasn’t for a child who put on weight, which happened abruptly at age 8 after the first sexual attack by a sibling. And my mother, with 8 children, wouldn’t have the time to take me anyway.

That didn’t stop my love of ballet. It enthralls me. Once Samuel was dragged to a ballet when the well- known Baryshnikov starred, a memory still vivid.


One thought on “BALLET

  1. Thanks for the treat! Love Baryshnikov! When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have seen a few ballet performances, a handful of which my older cousin David performed in. It was always such fun to look for him when he was in the Nutcracker Suite.

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