Seasonal Celebrations

photos by Patricia

A lover of all holidays, Christmas is especially exciting to me, not religiously but as a seasonal celebration that lights the darkness during long winter months: Santa, presents, decorations, special foods, Christmas cards, all the magic. My gift collecting occurs year-round with treasures thrown in the gift closet as they are purchased.

By Thanksgiving it is done, and often also wrapped. This love of the holiday began early as a little girl intensifying as the years went on. Which is odd because my mother wasn’t a fan, just one more thing she had to do. Her lackluster approach didn’t deter me.

My grandmother’s love of the holiday enriched my own, her delight matching mine, igniting it. This year the tree went up the day after Halloween which coincidentally happened about the same time when the clocks were turned back. By 5 PM it’s dark, but not at my house. The living room sparkles with colorful twinkling lights, and the bay window glitters in silver

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