Winter Fun

photo by Patricia

The break in the weather and longer days hearten me, supplying a much needed steadiness. It is good to wake seeing a light haze through the dark, not complete blackness when rising.

Donning snowshoes, the path is firm. Walking it is easier and provides a hearty work-out. Coyote footprints abound along with deer droppings. Tunnels in the snow are evidence of a squirrel digging for nuts it hid in the fall. By the creek it is silent except the boom when the ice settles. A train whistle in the distance interrupts the quiet.

Our grand-son still sleeps after spending the night. We took him to the neighborhood ice rink for his first skate. He had the entire place to himself.Since he is an experienced roller-blader, he ice-skated as if he had done it before. Around and around, countless times. The sounds of the blade etching lines in the ice brought back so many good memories of the pond, winter days, and winter fun.

After a few sips of cocoa, we headed home for some tubing down the little hill to the meadow, more snowshoeing, and playtime on the icy creek. It is good to have a break in the weather, incorporate more movement, and have some fun with William. 


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