Life is Messy

photo by Patricia

Sometimes you just have to wing it. Sometimes you have to trust when there isn’t any, faith that all things will work even when they don’t because messy is what life is.

Waking at 3AM, by 4, giving up, it’s TV and coffee, caffeinated because falling back to sleep wouldn’t happen.

Avoiding conversation with a loved one whose actions already have caused a sleepless night causes yet another one. It is always an indication that my character needs work. That however a thing is tempted to be handled, in this case fully removing myself from the offending person’s life, would be injurious to all. Rise above tends to be a constant to work at.

I am weary of rising above it, stuffing down feelings seems more like it. Yet others are where they are, and there’s not much to be done about that.

No one will call me a saint. I don’t make a good martyr. My humanness is difficult to accept and live with. Living moments awake when I’d rather be sleeping? Complain, or make the best of it, maybe both.

This is a day sleep is really needed. Our annual progressive dinner with my monthly friend’s group, along with their husbands, occurs in the afternoon. Now we meet at one home instead of progressing house to house for each course. Everyone brings their assigned courses there.

It is always a happy time, with games before the dessert course, including charades. But now tiredness will make it harder. Such is life.


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