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What can you do today to bring pleasure into your life? That’s a concept left behind. The daily business is about caring for a sagging mood, and an aging body. But pleasure? Yes, you can have pleasure. You deserve pleasure too, as if to need validation and permission.Winter depression pulls me to down to a place where just getting through the day getting things done is all there is. 

Samuel asks, “Want to take a canoe ride?”

“Sure,” I respond while resting in the Adirondack chair by the creek after a few laps.

Coming in later from an unusually sunny day, the idea of pleasure drives me to chocolate. Swirling the syrup into my coffee, topped off with whipped cream left over from the holidays, then red sugar sprinkles, also left over from the pancake Christmas breakfast, a satisfied smile erupts. Forgotten was the special use of chocolate for its curative effects on mood and endorphins. Chocolate, a necessary medicine.

What other simple pleasures await? It is up to you to provide them. Take the time to implement pleasurable activities to help the winter months pass more agreeably.

A hot bubble bath, working on a puzzle, a brisk walk in the meadow, a delightful canoe ride on a 50 degree January day, a special meal made with care, being present with the cat warmly nestled in my lap instead of dissociating—be there, be present.   

That cold pit in my stomach that comes during the winter craves relief. In it worms a restlessness unrelieved, an anxiousness lacking till the green leaves grow. What can be done to help bring me back to my core, feel good being there, and stay?

What brings you pleasure? I’d like to know.



11 thoughts on “PLEASURE

  1. Happy New Year Grace. I was just researching about serotonin and dopamine this week wondering what specific things we can do to naturally increase them. Did you know chocolates really in the list! A canoe ride sounds fun too; sunshine and exercise also on the list. Personally aromatherapy is really important to me. When my house is clean and smells like a spa candle my shoulders drop.

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    1. I’m in to aroma’s, scented candles and lavender pillow spray among a few. I did hear that chocolate is helpful to mood.
      When my house is in order it helps me feel that way too.
      Thank you for sharing, and may the New Year bring peace and health to you…

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  2. Walking by myself in the cold winter temperatures all bundled up brings me joy. Drinking hot coffee while taking a hot shower brings me joy. My lavender body wash brings me joy. Listening to my kids giggling brings me joy. A trip to Starbucks makes me happy. Curling up on the couch with a good book, a cat or two, and a fire in the gireplace makes me incredibly.

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  3. I found a great Pandora station called “Solo Piano” It’s mostly contemporary piano music. I listen to it on my phone for hours as I sip hot, black coffee while writing in my journal, coloring, crocheting, reading with my cat nuzzled beside me… Getting outdoors when the weather isn’t too cold and the sun is shining in a blue sky lifts my spirit. Watching movies with a huge bowl of organic popcorn with butter and grated cheese takes me out of myself for a while. Chatting with a friend over coffee or lunch also helps. Thanks for sharing!

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