Camping in the Glen

photos by Patricia

As the campfire flickers sending a golden reflection upon the camper’s plastic window, I cuddle under the light blanket with the movie playing. Tonight sleep will hopefully come, as the other three excursions were without any device to lull my brain into slumber.

Some form of TV always turns off the alarm switches bringing sleep most nights. That is in opposition to the usual advice from experts. TV & movies played in excess has calmed me throughout my life. It has also given human interaction without the danger, closeness without risk, laughter, tears, and so much more. All safely.

The day was peaceful, brilliant, and fullness filled my belly- not with food, but with the day’s splendor in the gorgeous glen. Using the full spectrum lights the week before must have brought this new wellness of being I’d been so thirsty for. The panicky mood swings were replaced by calm.

“Look,” says Samuel, as a breeze sends a party of leaves swirling down like confetti.

Sitting on the bench by the waterfall, I turn my head in time to see the cascade as a scattering of more drift down wafting in the air before landing in the current floating downstream.

Two days stolen in time during an October heatwave. Two days kissing summer good-bye to hold onto when the snow flies and the winter grows long.  



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