Saturday’s Senate vote was expected. My prayers went unanswered; that we’d come together as a whole and do what is right. That women would be validated, and men punished. Must we as women swallow all that was done to us by men? We must be valiant, yet silent?

This liar committed horrendous crimes, attempted murder, and attempted rape. For his crimes he has been rewarded with a life seat on the judicial bench.

He put his hand over her mouth while grinding himself on top of her in almost black out drunkenness. He tried ripping her clothes off.

Dr. Ford stated, “I believed he was going to rape me.” I believe it too, every word. 

She also stated, “I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me.” 

That would have been no accident. He covered her mouth purposely with the intent to keep her quiet at all costs, even death.


2 thoughts on “CRIME and PUNISHMENT

  1. It is with saddnes I read this. I too having struggled to survive being abused. What would she gain by speaking the truth, nothing. But like many of us there comes that Pandora box moment where you suddenly realise that their whole dirty secret needs to be told.

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