Make Amends-Do Not Lie

I could understand doing things in the teenage years one regrets, yet attacking others is beyond regrettable. That you went on to treat women appropriately after your college years is not something to clap about, it is what should be done anyway. I don’t applaud that you might have changed your ways.  And I certainly think even less of you now for lying. 

What would be a way to attend to such horrific attacks on teenage girls is to beg forgiveness with true remorse. Then go on to lead a life without criminal acts… but not as a judge, police officer, or president. It’s my belief the present one is just like you, a predator of women who also lies.

I believe he cheated and committed treason to steal the job of president. He is not a leader except to lead us to hell and away from all things good. You are not a leader either.

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