photo by Patricia

As the black canvas of early morning breaks with crimson strips of wispy clouds, the words that used to flow feel stunted. Yet much gurgles below needing attention. Negative thoughts are confronted with my best efforts at gentleness which takes much energy. 

What if you are OK just as you are? With all your handicaps which others don’t see? And there are many, most of which have been hidden and denied, especially by myself. I just wanted to be ‘normal’ like everybody else.

It is not normal to grow up with such snakes buried below, and what that does to an emerging soul, her personality deeply hindered along with all other aspects locked down without nurturing. And still a child grows.

“Look at your accomplishments, and the positives,” Samuel says through my tears while voicing this new wave of low self-worth, “Make a list of the good things you do.”

“That is very good advice,” I reply.

And he’s right. It’s as simple as that.

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