Tending the Mind, Body and Soul

photo by Patricia

Each morning a challenge. Gratefulness for all that I have does won’t make those challenges disappear, working at it continues. Falling rain soothes and allows for a restful contemplative day.

Do the essentials, anything more is a bonus… exercise after meals, ten minutes on the elliptical. Provide healthy nutrition, and dig deep because in there resides the discipline to carry through. And counter those hateful voices that loom ready to bite chewing through me when my resistance is down. 

The restless chaotic internal world needs meditation which lapsed a few days. Get to it. Stick with the basics which help the pieces come together while regulating the tattered edges. A soul that suffered ruptures from childhood needs tending and gentle care.


2 thoughts on “Tending the Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Love and kindness to self is always a challenge but I live by the question, What is the next kindest thing I can do for myself? I need a lot of love and care so it is important to meet some of that need myself. Grateful to say I have reached that place of wholeness most of the time.

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