The Gentle Judge

photo by Patricia

It’s OK, you’re OK, the mantra as March test my tattered patience. Wanting to accomplish so much in a day but not being able to is discouraging. The pace required to keep all realms of my being together is a slow one. Remember, you decide what is enough. Nobody around you knows how hard it is to stay in one piece because that is their gift, not mine.

It takes constant diligence to pay attention to the blessed feeling of wholeness that eluded me most of my life. It is fleeting now if not worked on. Pause, rest, and like a magnet all the parts come home, the emotional, spiritual and physical body. If stepping ahead of any part in attempts to do more than can be done, like a trigger effect wholeness scatters. Life becomes robotic. 

It’s frustrating wanting to do more, but perhaps take a look at what you do accomplish? What satisfies you most? Do that, and don’t push for more because what satisfies is enough. Let the soft, gentle judge reign. 


3 thoughts on “The Gentle Judge

  1. The “stepping ahead of any part in an attempt to do more than can be done… wholeness scatters” statement – I’m glad you put that into words. It is frustratingly descriptive of what I can’t seem to balance in myself. Just seeing it spelled out makes it a little easier to grasp.

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    1. Thank you for saying that Martina. Although my choice would be that no one else struggles with that it does help in that I’m not alone.
      It is helpful to remember that the shatterings in childhood are the reason for my slowed pace, not a failure on my part.


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