photo by Patricia

There always seemed to be something to conquer, and everything felt like a battle…to keep my head above water, to swim against the tide, or walk against the wind, everything was a struggle. As my life moves into later years the battle whimpers into a peace of sorts, making peace with the past, accepting the peace that comes now, and stopping the war within.

Yes, you are OK, all parts of you. And this reminder is needed each day. You are OK, and you don’t have to conquer the world that continues to be disappointing and cruel. It is OK to enjoy an easy, quiet life because even this one is not easy; taming the thoughts, and adjusting to the body’s weaknesses which don’t match the age of my mind.

It took courage to keep going all those years, and it is a relief to be over with it, yet it takes courage to face each day now with new struggles. Be your best, and do your best, which includes first doing those things that support a healthy life; healthy thoughts, nutritious food, adequate exercise, and doing those things that bring peace, comfort and satisfaction, like the time in the studio when I’m present and at peace.

But also it includes striving to be a better wife, mother, grand-mother and friend. That is enough, more than enough.


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