Calm the Anxiety

photo by Patricia

Waking with an urgency unnamed, my heart beats fast so lying in bed any longer is not possible. My heart is easily excitable reacting to thoughts as if danger looms close ready to snatch me gulping me whole. This tendency towards stratospheric anxiety is here to stay adding to the separation of self. It takes work to manage it.

Remembering to breathe, taking in a long breathe as my shoulders relax, the sky’s mysterys center me. Though at first looking dismal, a closer look reveals wispy strips of pink hues interspersed between the grey with hints of turquoise.  

Breathing is an important tool in managing anxiety… deep, long and slow. Anxiety, a constant presence in my life, causes shallow high breaths. Diaphragmatic breathing, when the entire chest fills including the bottom portion, helps the whole lung to fill. This also helps the heart beat to slow and the body to calm. 

Anxiety keeps me from myself. Meditation is another valuable too that has brought relief incomparable. When skipping it the loss is felt. The daily half hour dedicated to it brings me home into my body causing a wholeness that remains the rest of the day.



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