What Do You Need?

photo by Patricia

You could have said, “I’m sorry.”

It could have come in letter form, or email. Nothing came or will come.

It was always about how hard it must be to be an abuser. That if I had my choice, I’d take being me not the attacker. Poor them, to have to live with what they did.

And that is how my life is run, around what others need.

It is a new path, to relax into the moment without having to meet another’s need, with no one to implode the peace and safety, and to be able to explore the depth of each millisecond in time fully.

As my body loosens the unfolding unlocks great explorations, an appreciation for the gifts within always there but disconnected from. 

3 thoughts on “What Do You Need?

  1. Beautiful that you are taking in every millisecond.I find myself doing the same thing. I also find myself offering the gifts. I have learned through my last 14 years to the future. I am glad you have received the gift of exploration. I have it as well but I do find it anxiety producing as well sometimes. I hold it all with fearless compassion.

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