The Beacon

photo by Patricia

The tendency to put myself in the equation then react comes too easily upsetting all body systems propelling emotions into a whirl. Taking time to separate from other’s stuff is only starting to become possible.

It is freeing to feel my core and move from there, a connection to a place always there but suffering a life disconnected from it. The spinning and pain day after day does damage to the body.

The soul lies unperturbed by the storms, steady like a lighthouse beacon. A dinghy cut loose by its mother ship has found her way back home.


5 thoughts on “The Beacon

  1. This: “Taking time to separate from other’s stuff is only starting to become possible.” As a fellow survivor I’m guessing mastering this skill will take lifelong practice. Good to know it’s not just me.


    1. Each person has a different set of circumstances, but for me this has been very hard and still is especially if the person causing the pain seems to be doing so purposely yet underhandedly.
      It is not just you, that’s for sure.
      “Born in Providence” is that the US?

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      1. It’s so difficult to tell sometimes if people are walking over boundaries on purpose or because they simply don’t know any better. If you learn the secret let me know 🙂 Providence is in Rhode Island in America, yes. But it’s also a play on words. I have theory we’re all for some kind of reason and the some omnipotent being might know. Where are you in the world?


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