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My mother died almost 9 years ago. After her death the book erupted from deep within. Protecting her vision of a happy family was no longer needed. Freedom to grow and become complete occurred. It took that long. I was 56.

As the words gurgled up about what they had done it was committed to paper then strewn to the universe where it belonged. It did not belong deep down in me, or kept on that little girl’s shoulders anymore. I felt lighter.

Along with the details no child should live with, came events that brought joy. The tears falling down my cheeks each week were capsules of joy with the pain. I looked forward to mornings writing while sipping coffee, and the hours ticked by satisfyingly.

A book emerged without much planning. Each chapter fell into place as if written before writing and just waiting. Once committed to book form and available to the world a need existed for further voice. A blog, start a blog. The voice blotted for decades began to sing.

The one rule is, be honest. Be who you are, or who you know yourself to be at the time of writing. Going deep beneath the layers of who should I be, the pleaser, the sweet person, and all the other personas worn and learned over time to ride the waves without hitting a rock, dissolved. What was left?…the journey inside, no longer fearful to learn about who was there, discovering her, and speaking for her for the very first time.  


5 thoughts on “ONE VOICE

  1. You need to write for the same reasons that I need to write. Honesty is so important. To open up to ourselves, and have the world be witness, is a way to set ourselves free – or at least to lighten the load. The similarities of our lives continue to astound me. You were 56 when you wrote your memoir. I just turned 56 in November and am writing my memoir! Your words resonate so deeply within me. They both comfort and inspire me. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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    1. Your reply echoed in my mind throughout the day. It is this kind of deep connection I have always craved and lacked until blogging… a place to really be me but more importantly feel understood in ways others in my day to day life do not.
      To share that you feel comforted and inspired brings me such warmth. Thank you!

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  2. Ditto… when the death of a mother protected occurs, freedom follows…. sad, but sometimes true for some. I am glad you wrote your blog and sharing with others.

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