The Poignant Battle

Reading other blogs often takes me back to my own struggles. The desperation of those times are not missed and compassion fills me by the words of others who traverse this path, compassion and abiding deep sadness.

One needs to fight for life. It is not fair to have to fight for life but perhaps we all do at some point or another. This battle though is unique in its depth of pain. A child left alone with traumas committed against her body and spirit with no one to help, protect, or come rescue, carries its own brand of devastation.

To seek help begins the fight. To do so goes against what her family has taught her; to be silent.

It is terrifying. To seek help means to tell what was not to be told. The fight begins, and it feels like every interaction is a fight from then on; a fight against the evils done against her. Because now she knows even at that young age what humans are capable of. If those she loved and trusted could attack so will others, no one is safe.

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3 thoughts on “The Poignant Battle

  1. It doesnt matter how long you stay down that counts, but the number of time you get back up again. I repeat like a mantra to myself , “stay fighting”! the things that inspire and motivate us keeps us going.


  2. i get your very good blog.i was very abused sexually as a child. people never see the every day effects.i am disabled .long list health issues like m.e . my story is in a authors book .i do a blog

    research into abuse is RARE .who listens too disability .i have bladder and bowel problems because
    i was sexually abused


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