Soft Voice

Wear a coat of harshness or a one of furry warmth?

The daily goal as this body ages is to care for it in all spheres; arm exercises, walking, meditating, core exercises, and eating healthfully. Attention to the mind and spirit takes me to the studio for creative pursuits along with daily writing.

The reward for meadow laps is sitting in the Adirondack chair listening to the cold wind blow, the twitter of what few birds stay for the winter, and the water as it falls over the beaver dam; pleasures, but also a balm for weariness, a replenishment for the soul and a necessity for health. 

Too often one of these isn’t accomplished, or another isn’t done right falling short, and the harsh voice begins to bang unless it’s met with a softer more realistic one. Listen to the soft voice, coax it out, let it grow strong.

Garden path stones, one of four to embed into the little garden path next spring.


4 thoughts on “Soft Voice

  1. your art is beautiful, rustic and creative. I get great sense of joy being creative, I knit , simple things like beanie hats and scarfs, but I like the different textures of wool. and so what if my bobble on top doesnt sit straight? Its quirky and original and it makes people smile. Knitting takes me away to another place, solitary and peaceful, away from noise and external influences.

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    1. Love that story and that you have such a happy past-time. Yes, it is a place of ease and time flies by with ease and enjoyment. I think all parts are working and come together with a peaceful harmony. Sometimes too it’s a place where tears that were held in are able to flow. Must be that I unwind.


  2. That is so true! Good way to explain unwinding. in those peaceful harmonious times its like “letting go” and any tears that may fall are good and cleansing.


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