Food for Thought

I feel bloated and very fat but more on track and in better control now that my health is returning. People don’t generally gain weight when sick. Even with no appetite I ate…and ate. 

The real need? Sympathy and a loving touch. Samuel is just not like that. Feeling all on my own, my method reverts to surviving as I did at age eight, eating until so sick I threw up in the night.

As health returns the ability to confront the negative put-downs about myself improves dramatically. It continues to be the hardest but most rewarding job . The emphasis has always been, “lose weight.” And has been my biggest hurdle since age eight when my slender kid body blew up like a balloon from eating the trauma down.

It is really about about the food I fill my brain with. Loving thoughts are the key. Good food for thoughts. That is the challenge and the work. 

5 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Thank you for always writing and being so honest about the struggle with eating. I’ve been really struggling with food, eating, bulimia, being healthy lately. When others write or talk about these things it makes us all less alone. When you explain it, the eating to disappear the traumas, and what was really needed, it makes so much sense and helps me to understand myself, too. Take care of you. 💟

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