Anxiety ruled. Fear curdled in my belly. 

Work at your day, you must. 

Easily my mind tricks me. Easily I follow the wrong path, one leading to problems, and yes, doom. I can cause my own health issues or I can solve them. 

No wonder you feel a great fear. It is a fear of myself and a lack of trust. Who is at the helm, an emotional child or a trusted adult? 

Walking the meadow sweat glistens on my back as the grasses sway in the sunny breeze. Plotting the day’s goals the list includes many self care activities interspersed with the things I love, lavender one of them. 

Spring rains have brought out abundant flowers. Each proudly stands in her glory then fades, but another takes her place. Lavender is at the forefront now and the bees know it. 

Scooping up handfuls, shaking away the bees, I chop off hunks and the basket fills, basket after basket. This year’s growth surpasses my needs and many gifts will be made. 

Glue gun on, sparkly adornments near-by along with various ribbon, my creativity is given free reign. One basket for a sister-in-law when we stay at the lake next week. Another basket for my massage therapist who will pleased to have last year’s gift replenished. And an assortment of smaller bouquets for friends when we meet later in the month. 

The house takes on the heady, intoxicating aroma of lavender, known for its soothing qualities. Amidst the day’s chores, exercises, and other needed work is the joy of nature and her gifts… 


5 thoughts on “FEAR and LOVE

  1. Isn’t Lavender just so lovely? What a special gift for those you care about. With such strong pathways between our olfactory and memory organs, aromatic objects can easily become avenues in which we remember something about the past, good or bad 🙂

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  2. I love the title of this post, in the context of what you’ve written: caring for yourself with great love combats fear. Or, the trusted adult within us soothes our fearful inner child with great love. And how wonderful to make gifts for others from lavender — also one of my favourite blooms and scents. This is a very strong post that I hope is read widely. Thank you for writing; God bless. A.

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