Sunny Dewy Morning!

Morning photos while sipping coffee on the patio… Samuel off to work. Feeling despondent only because that feeling is so familiar. The prayer, my mantra, drifts through my head:

Help me be grateful, feel peace, and ease my fears. My shoulders relax and nature seeps in. 


5 thoughts on “Sunny Dewy Morning!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I am looking at them while drinking my coffee. This has been a profound year for me in regards to nature. I am able to sit with it and let it love, nourish and nurture me to health and wellbeing on a daily basis. IT really calls and beckons me to rest in its love. I am learning how to do that more and more each day. Sounds like you have this same type of relationship. Thanks

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    1. Oh Janet. Thank you. So good to hear. Yes, I drink it up especially when all else seems to be tumbling down. I went out again in the afternoon as the stellar day beckoned me. Round two is coming…
      I am heartened to hear that nature brings such curative restoration to you too.


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