“Complex Trauma: Understanding and Treatment”

Excellent! To hear a professional confirm what I already know. Tears fall while listening, also the typical morning anxiety melts because another person acknowledges I’m on the right track in my healing journey…learning self-kindness is paramount with so much more.

5 thoughts on ““Complex Trauma: Understanding and Treatment”

  1. I have only just rececently come to see the layers of simultaneous trauma that took place in my life as a child. So many of them I didn’t even see the gravity of the effects they have had on me. I only have seen or talked about the “big” ones. As a child, when all the adults… everyone accepts what is going on as normal, the abuse and trauma becomes “normal” to you. This was very emotional to watch. For those of us who have experienced trauma in our lives, it was as if SHE was laying our lives and our stories at OUR feet. It is very validating. I am glad that this was meaningful to you too! Thank you for sharing it on your blog as well. I think many will find meaning from it.

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    1. Thank you too. It was quite incredible, yes validating, greatly so…
      I’m sorry if you had to approve the reblog repeatedly, I had to update it a few times… Such a great worthwhile hour… I think anytime I’m feeling great anxiety I will re-watch it. It calmed me.

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      1. Technology doesn’t always work the way we need it too. I understand. Yes, this truly was the best video for both helpers and victims alike. I am glad you were able to find validation and comfort as well. There isn’t enough of that in this world. Many blessings to you!

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