Each morning I awake and try hard to calm the anxiety. No, I don’t want to get up at 4:30 so lay in bed half sleeping till after 6. Sometimes I just have to get up, but I was still so tired from the egg dying get together yesterday I lay quietly. 

A few times these past weeks I’ve had to take Xanax in the AM, a very unusual occurrence for me unless I have a medical appointment. Just a half and it helps. But more times I use meditation to get below the buzz. Most of it is irrational like believing my breathing was a problem, but it was only congestion in the back of my throat.

I ponder why this spring I’m affected with fear and anxiety when other years it just felt like big highs then some lows till leveling out by May. I think it is because for the most part I’m not using food to quell it. That’s hard.

I need other ways. Going below it works, by staying with it, in it, and working to go beneath into other rooms. Deciding not to allow fear to run my day helps. Deeper breathing helps. This too shall pass, helps.

Take things easy, try not to get excited over flights of thoughts. Samuel helps to ground me. Try to remember just what base you have. I think of Chet and the damage. I think of him more now that I ever did while he was alive. And Mom sitting across from me telling me if it ever happens again to tell her.

I took it as blame, as if I had some control of it. She could have saved a life-time of feeling ‘bad’ and crippling self- blame had she handled it with love; holding me, telling me she was sorry, stroking my head. But I sat across from her, tears of shame burning my cheeks as they fell.

And it did keep happening, Chet kept attacking. It took the bugs on my body and that terror making me go to her. It stopped only then because she finally hired a babysitter instead of expecting me to keep him off me.

So much damage. But think of it. Think of who I am really am. To have that much zip to keep going, trying and living. There is a strong base in me. Go there. That is where I can be held, and loved, and calmed.



10 thoughts on “GROUNDING

  1. To have that much zip up keep going, trying and living.” YES! You are so strong. Even now, you keep fighting for yourself. I’m so glad you keep fighting. The part about not using food to comfort and avoid feelings really hit home with me. It’s a struggle. Xx

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    1. Yes, and the use of food to quell anxiety. That seems a biggie for me.
      It surely can be a struggle, yet the blogging community of others with similar struggles has helped me in so many ways. Thank you Alice… : )

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  2. Keep trying. Keep fighting to deal with it the best you can. I am finally beginning to find solace in taking dedicated time to utilize healthy coping mechanisms. Take the rest when it is needed and don’t be afraid to take care of yourself. Sending thoughts, prayers and a virtual hug your way!

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    1. Oh, thank you for all: thoughts prayers and that hug… : )
      It occurs to me at times that I have to give myself permission to do those things which I need. Learning more from those that struggle with similar challenges has helped me to be kinder to myself and try to say Yes to my real needs. They are different from the needs of my family and friends who seem to go about life so easily without strain. On -line I learn others need and do the same. I feel less alone.


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