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photo by patricia

Is that out of the head and into the spirit, the gut, the soul? That is a new way of living that brings wholeness. Getting there took determination, and my battle-scarred body, psyche and mind crave rest; a slower paced life that now unfolds.

And if I can do it, anybody can. But the work entailed? I can tell you, if I was asked to go back being 20, 30, or 40, … NO, I would not. 

I hung cloth diapers by the wood stove, yet found so much satisfaction keeping the ‘home fires’ burning while Samuel was working. The old enamel stove sat like a queen in the kitchen keeping me warm twice by it’s cooking and the energy expelled filling her. 

The less one has the more things are appreciated.

I sit by our coal stove now as my 64th birthday approaches in April and still feel the coziness of being warmed by a fire, the cat curled up by my feet. The door to the porch is slightly open as spring birds sing, geese honk down by the creek and ducks belt out a hello. As the gentle rain melts the last patches of snow, the morning doves once again make a nest atop the clematis vine clinging to the screen only feet away. 

The anticipation of spring shall hold me through until green comes to the trees and lawns. The breath goes deeper releasing tensions carried all winter. Ahh, spring…




6 thoughts on “INTUITION

  1. I love the Terri St. Cloud quote you included at the end. It is exactly what I was thinking about this evening. Some of the old stuff was very unfair and very unkind. But I can only spend so much time thinking about the unfairness and unkindness. At some point, I say to myself, “all right then, a bunch of that sucked, but what am I going to do now with myself, the self that was wounded, the self that survived?

    *** * *** * ***
    Re: diapers

    I also used cloth diapers a lot, though not exclusively, for my two children. When I was about 9 months pregnant with the second one, we bought a used washing machine and installed it in our basement. I was so thrilled to have our own machine that I literally jumped for joy (as much as you can jump when you are 9 months pregnant!). No dryer though, so I also did a lot of hanging clothes up to dry.

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