Though frigid, yesterday’s morning greeted my sleepy eyes with a warm glow. Today’s morning hides the sun as the biggest storm of the season descends and all the area schools are closed.  


from gardens of summer’s past

Picture 049

Picture 007

Picture 884

Picture 564

Picture 484

Picture 2528

Picture 1860

Picture 3164

Picture 372

Picture 025

Cory made a memory stick for my car with all my favorite musicians. Paula Cole came on and after turning the volume up her words and voice brought chills. 

16 thoughts on “MORNING GLOW

  1. How exciting it is to see those beautiful flower images to hold us over until spring is here.
    I believe we have about a foot and a half of snow. It will be awhile before it all melts. A bit depressing but your pictures cheery floral pics are encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Oh yes! And I grow them.
      I just love getting down on the dirt and grass in the morning dew to catch these shots.
      The happy flower faces appear on the computer delighting me over and over again. My poor old eyes don’t always see the pollen or other surprises on the minuscule camera screen, like bugs, bees and morning dew drops, until the computer lights them up. It is another world this micro-world of what lies below our feet.


  2. Your flowers are always so beautiful. I know I haven’t posted or commented for a while, but I wanted you to know that at all your posts about flowers and outdoor stuff has made me notice things outside more, and in the mornings when I drive my daughter to school, I’ve noticed and appreciated beautiful sunrises. This lady week we had quite a few. Friday’s looked as if someone had painted the sky with peaches and pinks and even pale lilac. It was beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me to pay attention. I hope you are well, that you are having a good weekend. Xx

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    1. Usually I enjoy the cozy feeling but lack of sleep has made the days feel desperate. I slept last night and all systems are doing better this morning. Wow, my body cannot tolerate so little sleep and why it occurs is a mystery. Perhaps the change of seasons which tends to do that to my sleep patterns. Thank you!

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    1. Oh yes, all mine from gardens in the little back yard; gardens I dug out of hard clay soil then broke up the cement like clods adding sand, peat moss, and manure to coax anything to grow…. thank you!


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