Mother and baby are doing well after the C-sect Tuesday. My daughter in-law was very brave to undergo a third C-sect. Even though I’m under the weather with fever, chills and malaise, joy took the day! My prayers were answered. Way too many attempts were needed to get IV’s going but the spinal went without a hitch unlike last time.

It is interesting how life can hold so much opposition at one time. Cindy’s glee and knowing they were OK over-rode all else. I was up in the night due to being so stuffy and drippy I could not breath, but still managed to make dinner for my son to take home when he picked up Cindy. I bought a flowering white azalea, put it in a ceramic blue pot, and added a huge silky blue bow. I even got out my glitter collection and made a plant stake with white sparkly hearts. That made it look complete and he took it back to the hospital the same day.  

The feelings of relief and gratitude overflow… I’m a NaNa again and soon will rocking a baby…There is nothing better than that. 


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