I stopped mid-walk in the muddy path to look up towards the ruckus of geese that could be heard but not seen on this cloudy gray day. After an all-day rain the snow had completely melted. The creek swelled looking more like a pond. This is odd weather for February in NE America. Resting by the water the newly chewed bark on the tree by our resident beaver was clearly evident. The decoy duck bobbed as usual. I sat contentedly. Today I wake to a world of white.

Cindy continues to delight us with her joy, exuberance and energy. That ends soon because her baby brother will be born Valentine’s Day. Once my daughter-in-law recoups from the C-sect I won’t be picking Cindy up from pre-school each day for play-time at our house. But I am heartened by the joy another baby will bring, and more play dates in the future. We are so very lucky. 

My errands to the near-by Dollar Stores were to hunt down crafts items that caught my eye. We spent the afternoon making hearts with glittery stickers and various other pink and red decorations. Do you really need a bag of pink fake rose petals? Yes, at a buck a piece buy whatever you want. At day’s end she had a bag of sparkly hearts to take home. I’m told she set out each one to show her family.

After a long period of good sleep now I cannot get to sleep. Maybe it is the fact that my GYN can’t write a prescription the way she told me to take it, and the office receptionist did not call back as she had promised. The let down feels like such a loss. Med errors are serious but their blase’ attitude is disturbing. 

My exercise today is shoveling the drive….brrr…



6 thoughts on “WINTER?

  1. Winter weather has been tricky here, too! 40, even 50 degree days, then snow and ice and temps of 15 degrees! Brrrr.

    It’s Valentine’s Day today so I’m guessing your newest grandson is being born— or already here! Congratulations and happy Valentine’s Day. 🌸🌺🌼💖

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