Winter hits hard, not so much snow and cold, but short days with dreary grass, trees, bushes and sky. I trudge the meadow path feeling bleak, no warmth inside my soul or nurturing presence…not for me, but I need it. I imagine my Mother Nature with flowing long hair in a beautiful wispy dress, hovering above showering love. Her gentleness, kindness and care guides me as I circle the muddy path. My imagery begins to offer solace and warmth. Though the grey day doesn’t change a shift inside does as arms wrap around me melting the icy insides.

If you feel you need an angel, imagine one. If you need a teddy bear or Raggedy Anne, have one. Hold it, hug it, do whatever it is that you need to feel warm and good. What would that be? I may be 63 but I am not too old to hug a teddy bear. I never will be.



17 thoughts on “MOTHER NATURE

  1. Hugging is so important, I am liking the message in your post very much. In my work, I use hugging therapy at every opportunity, it has such healing powers and its nice! I give and I recieve, its a win win situation 🙂
    Teddy Bears trancends all ages 🙂

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  2. This resonated. After therapy on Wednesday I came home, crawled into bed, and hugged a teddy. I felt so little and young inside. And it helped. And I’ll never be ashamed of it! I love the image you chose of mother nature.

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  3. You are such a beautiful writer and this is such a beautiful post. I love my little teddy, now 52 years old with no eyes or mouth, but beautiful to me.

    Visualization with positive intent and emotion is so powerful.

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