Samuel beat me to day three’s shoveling which is just as well because many more inches fell overnight. While he was snow-blowing I pulled on my snow pants and boots, along with a scarf tightly wrapped. Grabbing a shovel I scraped the back steps, fed the birds, then made my way through the thick snow just as the clouds began to separate and the sun peeked out.

Since I had been shoveling the driveway the last two days I hadn’t walked the meadow. It was slow going. My heart thumped so loudly I stopped, stood still and turned my face to the sun breathing in the frigid crisp air. Diamonds glittered across the fields, individual snowflakes that made a canvas of white shimmery sparkles.

I kept trudging making a path. On each lap I rested by the creek to let my pounding heart slow down. Closing my eyes I listened to the silence. The sun quenched my starving spirit, and the ‘sounds of silence’ filled me.







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