The moon is out, a blizzard blows, the temperatures dip to a feel of below zero and we tamp the stove hotter. Samuel attempts to leave in the morning to an appointment while I hold the shovel looking at him with open contempt. The snow on the long drive is deep and heavy and he’s leaving?

Halfway out his tires spin and after several failed attempts he backs up to put weight bags in.

“You’ll get out to pick up Cindy, you have front-wheel drive,” he yells as my contempt grows.

“No matter what you say, I don’t think so!” I shout back, going back to the sodden snow more like ice blocks as I scrape.

He checks his watch then plods over to the shed to fire up the snow-blower. He clears out by the mailbox and finishes up by the garage where it drifts. I feel relieved and keep scraping. An hour later it’s done and the sweat on my back feels satisfying.

Snow comes again overnight with dipping temperatures and causes the snow to be light and airy like confectionary sugar, a lot of it. This time the scraping is easier and the sun is welcome despite the frigid air. Sweat erupts again and a few times a break is needed and I turn my face to the sun’s warm rays hungry for it.

Samuel’s not much of a scraper and prefers to fire up the big machine and I shake my head and keep scraping. I do the entire driveway by the time it takes for him to do a few small sections but it helps.

More snow came last night and I have more happy exercise to look forward to at daybreak.



9 thoughts on “BLIZZARD

  1. your writing style could be right out of a novel, it’s so realistic and clear and wonderful. it describes an ordinary event (so to speak) in the right amount of detail to make for easy reading..

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