My sleep patterns go awry. Things go along well, then not. Our outing to see The Christmas Carol yesterday was dampened by taking a sleep aid the night before at 1 AM. The residual effects helped to stay relaxed on the expressway.

I chose the worst seats, front row- far right. We treated my son and his wife. Besides a crick in our necks for having to look side-ways, we were close enough to see every nuance and facial expression, so close our knees almost touched the stage.

We stopped for a bite to eat afterwards and then Samuel drove around the development near where they live after dropping them off so I could see the Christmas lights. I love peering into windows to see the trees lit up!

Pulling in our drive I was excited to see that the mailman had picked up the basket of muffins I made for him. Samuel had hung it from the mailbox. And it is fun to the see the house lit up so prettily. As the car stopped I felt grateful our little trip to the city was uneventful and fun. Others seem to take so much in stride where I find it challenging, but this went well. 

Maybe walking will help the interrupted sleep. The cold and wind have inhibited any initiative, but today is another day and the wind has died down. It is hard to leave the warmth of the fire with the cat at my feet.

My daughters in law bellies grow as their due dates draw near. Both have a specific problem the doctors are watching so I say a little prayer. Cory may be spending Christmas in the labor room…what a gift that would be!



5 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS OUTING

  1. I like to think we are like our caveman ancestors, staying in our caves in the winter time by the hearth and conserving our strength until spring. I love hibernating 🙂 I use winter time to study and remain productive that way, but have to say cant beat an open fire and cats laying at the feet. Enjoy!

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