I don’t celebrate Christmas from a religious sense but for Santa, decorations, gifts and the feeling of cheer and good will that it brings. It illuminates the time of year that tends to be dark, dreary and dull. I am more like the ancient peoples who celebrated the solstices.

The gifts are bought and wrapped, the lights are up, but winter’s short days make me drag feeling tired, blue and slow. Yet I am happy. I am at peace most of the time which is ‘happy’ to me. It is how winters go  because shorter days lower my mood dramatically.

I miss Mom and my friend Sue. Loved ones gone seem especially missed during this time of year. But I also realize how precious now is. Samuel and I have quietness and time together. Our health is stable. I have much to be grateful for.

I have concentrated on making family interactions with my sons and daughters-in-law the best they can be and with progress. That is uppermost in my goals to achieve and maintain. I also concentrate on being the best Nana I can be. That takes concentrating on being present…as simple as that. They notice that I notice and it always beings smiles—smiles of feeling loved, noticed and cared for.




6 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS

  1. Winter is hard. I love Christmas time when the lights are put up and it snows, and everywhere you go looks like a winter fairy land. I try to focus on that. I hope the next two weeks before Christmas is wonderful and that you have a very merry Christmas. Xx 🎄❄️️💟

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