A few days ago we hit a record of 73, now 17 inches with 5-8 more to go!

Molly left her footprints. She went out a couple of times meowing with a loud cry saying, “How can I bird and chipmunk watch with all this white stuff!” Each time she zoomed in past me zipping down the hall, then did it again. 

I fired up the stove yesterday just in time. There’s nothing better than morning coffee next to the cozy fire with Molly at my feet. 




14 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!

      1. Mmmm. I love the smell of cooked bread very cozy.

        Some areas i the UK have had a bit of snow, thankfully where I live, it missed us. I love snow, it is when it turns to ice. I expect at some point, if snow is due, that it will arrive.

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