Be Present


Be in the moment, I tell myself several times throughout the day. Be in your body. Be present. My mind drifts to the past, to the future, to places beyond, pull them back to now. Now is good, safe, take it as it is. The sun beckons so I walk the meadow not needing more than a sweatshirt.

The tall yellowed grasses, dry now, sway in a slight breeze as the brittle leaves rustle, one drifting down adding to the thick carpet of crunching underfoot heralding the true sounds of Fall.

Lap one shortens my breath after the slight hill, but by lap three my legs and muscles enjoy the movement as the blood flushes out the cobwebs.

Lap five, the reward lap, allows for sitting by the creek now swollen by the beaver’s work. Samuel whistles on his way down knowing I startle easy if he comes upon me unannounced. He is carrying paddles.

I’m excited on the sunny day to be able to go for a ride so perfect in its quietness and warmth. We haven’t paddled the creek due to the summer’s drought and the problem of some large trees that have fallen blocking our explorations.

He steadies it for my entry and we paddle under the old steel bridge but had to lay flat in the canoe to get under it. We soon see where the beaver resides and works. The busy beaver has rebuilt his lodge and added a large feeding pile outside it. Paddling past, farther than we’ve been in months, we are in awe of his work. He has dammed up an entire half circle making a falls with a 5 foot drop.

“Samuel, we have our own falls like the ones where we love to camp, and right in our back yard!” I exclaim relishing the delight of such a fortune.

We sit awhile listening to the sound of spilling water onto rocks, one that soothes, centers and relaxes internal quagmires. Samuel once again points out just how much work the beaver has accomplished as the dam continues all around the newly formed pond.

We turn to head back slowly sucking in the quietude of nature, only a bird twittering in the trees near-by, the echo of a wood-pecker, a train whistle in the distance, and the dip of the paddle.

I feel content to have enjoyed the outdoors all afternoon on this lovely fall day, the days of sunshine following one after another. We lay the canoe close to the edge of the creek rather than tying it up as another few days of more stunning weather is expected.


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