Yesterday was hard. I don’t know why. And how could I? The experts don’t know how the brain works. How PTSD affects me? Bringing Cindy back from preschool the usual is to pull in the driveway then pop out to pick up the mail. A car honks long and loud behind me and my adrenaline shoots off scaring me very badly. It’s Samuel’s friend thinking it funny to blast me. I don’t wave back, lacking so much sleep that politeness is gone.

By the time he pulls in behind me my anger dissipates but my scare stays with me. Once those chemicals are released there is no putting them back. Cindy innocently comes over to the couch while I was distracted surprising me so I jump again startled.

Just a bad day. Anxiety, tiredness and cortisol make a very vicious cocktail. I have no clue why one day is harder than the next, though lack of sleep may explain much. And there is nothing I can do about it, one night sleeping hard, the next not.

When Cindy is here just watch her and smile. That’s all she needs to make her beam. But yesterday being so distracted my mind wandered to lost places. Be present. Use the full spectrum lights.

No wonder you feel bad and down when only a week ago I could sit on the patio and soak up sun. With the heat on each morning there is no sun soaking to start each day with fullness, peace and contentment. Use the lights, soak in artificial sun, and do so consistently. 

Today is another day. After sleeping well the start feels brighter. Remember the work. Make each day count, though yesterday seemed a waste. If I cannot be active, productive and feel useful, it’s a waste. But maybe not. Maybe there are days when the body needs rest, especially one with unbalanced chemicals.

Being a couch slug is productive. It seems necessary some days. Rest calms internal warning signals, like train arms coming down with bells and lights. With rest they quiet, rise back up, and allow flow and movement. It just is. I don’t understand it, but must allow for it… remember, be gentle, show kindness, understanding and acceptance.


(Cory’s photo) 

13 thoughts on “REST

  1. Yes, being a couch slug is absolutely necessary at times. I was just telling my hubby yesterday that I wish I could just sit on the couch and watch tv and RELAX. I just can’t seem to relax and it’s driving me crazy because I’m absolutely exhausted from nothing except my own anxiety.


  2. Not a waste of a day at all… You took care of Cindy and you rested your body. A very productive day I would say.

    I am sorry that the PTSD strikes again and again but each time you get a chance to take care of your body with gentleness and appreciation. And yes the not sleeping doesn’t help at all… So all the more important to rest the day after and go easy on yourself.

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  3. I get all of this. It all just hits home. The moments that startle you, making your heart jump and fear shoot down your back, it’s so hard because as you said, one day is fine, the next not, and there is no rhyme or reason.

    It’s okay to be a couch slug. Resting is important. My hubby gets that more than I do, and often encourages me to just rest. I miss the sunshine, too. Fall– or winter— has arrived here, and it’s cold and cloudy now.

    Spring will come again– and there is beauty in winter, too. Hang in there and take good care of you! 💟💜

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  4. I love this! “Being a couch slug is productive”…perfect. Years wasted judging myself for those “lazy” times, and now I’ve realized rest, mindfulness, centering…it’s all part of the healing process….I hope….

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