“Cool and rainy is no excuse to not move,” my old bones growl.

Hello elliptical trainer, waiting patiently in the basement, knees moving round and round accompanied by arms in synchrony. The sun does come out later beckoning me for a walk but the pull is resisted choosing to stay cozy and warm.

It’s the kind of day that could throw down snow but not yet. The car slips into the same spot at pre-school and the key fob opens the door. I await Cindy’s exit while sitting on the bench in the foyer. She comes right into my arms and I soak it up. Her affections are usually just for her Mommy, but when Mommy’s gone I’m a good replacement. I stay present knowing these moments are precious and elusively impermanent.

She is such a little beauty with a brightness, humor and ability far beyond the age of four. Arriving home she jumps on the couch tired from her busy morning. Her eyes soon spy the sewing box waiting patiently on the table by her little kitchen. Her eyes sparkle and mine shine.

With a nod I say, “That is for my grand-daughter Cindy! It was my Mom’s, so your Great Grand-Mother’s.”

She jumps off the couch, opens the lid and excitedly explores the contents. The next hour till Mommy comes is spent in adoration of all the goodies in her sewing box. She completes two ‘sewing projects’ and can’t wait to show Mommy.

She has real needles, great big ones. She quickly learns to spit on the yarn first before threading the needle and is delighted when successful. The sewing box is a hit and she can’t wait to return today to do more…Me too!



6 thoughts on “GRAND-DAUGHTER

  1. My grandkids all live a few hours away so I don’t see them nearly as often as I’d like. You are filling sweet Cindy with precious memories she’ll always treasure. You are one terrific grandmother!

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