Remember? Loving yourself is your job. You may have to learn how to do it, but you can. Now that pills to heal an internal wound are over and eating isn’t spaced three hours in-between with no eating at night, I eat. And eat. The scale shows it dramatically in a short time.

It’s not love to eat to escape the feelings you have always run from. Feel them. Love thyself by feeling not running. It was necessary at age eight, eating to numb, one you didn’t think about but your body and psyche needed to survive. Now you have the capacity and ability to eat to live not as an eating machine but with presence and discipline. Yes, you have it. I doubt I have it which is a means to eat, an excuse. But I have it. Dig deep.

Is it that much work? Or more of a pleasure to discover the pattern that most take for granted. Simple. Eat when hungry. Stop when full. And enjoy it. I don’t enjoy it. I feel driven, a life-time habit. It is time to take care. Take care in honoring thy body, my feelings, and a wholeness that deserves respect.



6 thoughts on “LOVE THYSELF

  1. Learning to love yourself is hard. Food stuff is hard. It should be simple, eat when hungry, listen to our bodies, stop when full, eat to fuel and care for our bodies. But should doesn’t always mean it is. Maybe the first step is to let go of the “should” and to accept that this isn’t simple? We should have been taught to love ourselves in childhood, because of the way our parents loved us. It’s hard to have to learn it on our own in adulthood. I see so much good in you, so much talent and compassion and beauty. There is a lot to love about you. Xx💟

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  2. Food is The hardest thing to control…it’s not like you can quit eating, like quitting smoking or any other thing..we Have to eat to remain continues the struggle. Finding peace with food issues is one of the hardest battles. I wish you love and peace, Patricia Grace.

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