(photo from previous canoe ride but same people same place!)

I wrap health around me like a warm, cozy blanket. I sip coffee that I’ve not had for six weeks and luxuriate in its black rich depths. Not being healthy for over five years, especially this last one, losing blood continually but not knowing it, certainly drained me like a vampire. No wonder I felt continually tired compounded by the usual tiredness due to a worn out nervous and immune system.

When health returns I do not want to take it for granted. I sit by the creek and remember the days in the hospital room craving my home, kitchen, my own bed, and the safety of our little slice of heaven. I have it for now. And it is not forever, remember that. But for now I am content and healthy.

Samuel comes around the corner of the meadow, leaves crunching underneath his feet, carrying the paddles, “Want to take a short ride?” he asks.

“Sure!” I reply.

He unties the canoe slipping it in the creek and holds it while I get in. We glide a while taking in the stillness. With no breeze the quietness impregnates me with peace and fullness. A bird peeps in the high tree, and even one leaf falling can be heard as it lightly drops from it branch then lands in the forest.

This fall lasts long with possible record breaking high temps today. The colors take their time changing but seemingly overnight reds, oranges and yellows popped out.

It feels good when all seems right with my world.

(decorating our bay window)





11 thoughts on “AUTUMN

      1. Patricia, I’m responding to your cat always finding the sunny spot. I’ve noticed in your writing you do that as well! No matter the pain you describe, you most often bring us with you to the present and your interaction with nature and all things beautiful, taking yourself and us to your “sunny” spot! Not that you always must, but it does reflect who you are…(a cat in a prior life? …just teasing!)

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        1. Maybe, or maybe in my next life? Cats don’t have it so bad, at least Molly seems so content. And so cute, even when she sleeps with her little paws curled up around her face and head.
          Thank you for saying that. I didn’t know I did that, but I’m glad to hear that I do. You made my day!

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