Good morning Rose. Samuel put one on the window sill. Even in October they bloom on the same morning I watch Christmas movies and wrap presents for Cory, his wife, and their cats. Shane and family are driving to Massachusetts for the upcoming baby shower in November and can take the bulky gifts to Cory. Then they will have them under their tree instead of the check I was originally going to send. Shipping has become outrageously expensive costing more than the gifts shipped.

Yes, I love Christmas unabashedly. I always have, even throughout high-school; counting the days till, checking them off a hand-made calendar with little Christmas icons on each day.

Christmas has always made me happy, just like the joy Grandma glowed with during the season. I have a Christmas closet and when the deep reductions occur especially after the season is over, I buy, buy, buy. Why not at 75 or 90% off? I do this after every holiday, collecting the best stuff at the best price.

Well-being has occurred and when the chaos calms I confuse that with boredom. Six weeks of medication to heal the internal wound are finished and maybe I’m safe for now. It’s OK to feel calm, enjoy it. The thing with Adele bothered me more than I realized. After sending the farewell and speaking up, I sleep like a bear, a full 8 hours. I know this won’t last, but will enjoy it while it does. It’s OK to feel calm, to feel at peace, to just be…



Coloring with Cindy after preschool… The new baby in Shane’s family, due one month after Cory’s, is a boy! (revealed after Wednesday’s ultra-sound. Cory’s remains a mystery because they want to be surprised)


4 thoughts on “CALM

  1. Love this and the gorgeous photos. Yes, enjoy wellbeing while it’s here. So thrilled you slept well after sending farewell to Adele. Your body/mind/spirit went ahhhhhh. : )

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    1. Yes, I seemed to have lost my voice and my way many months ago…in my dealings with the periodontist and at the same time with Seth.
      No wonder I felt lost. Saying NO has brought me back to myself, no more lost and confused. No is a powerful word and I can hear it now!

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