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I did not send the last letter but instead sat with it along with the helpful feedback. I made an appointment for this Friday but finally cancelled via email below. Interestingly she responded within minutes. When trying to contact her at other times it took several days to a week for her to respond.

I permanently deleted her response before reading it. Someone lacking maturity and experience would not take criticism well nor respond kindly.  

Dear Adele,

It’s with sadness and regret that I cancel Friday and all hopes of working with you. Since no apology was forthcoming, one I would have readily accepted had there been one, further interaction is futile. I cannot proceed with someone who does not seem to know when their actions are wrong. Or do but offer no heartfelt apology. It’s not about boundaries, as if putting your bad behavior on me, it is wrong with any client.

More than wrong, playing with a dog when a client’s time has begun and she sits watching, waiting and wondering when her supposed therapist will be done playing with it, is bizarre and not right in any therapeutic setting. Your dog is not even a therapy dog as it didn’t even allow petting and moved away from me when I did try.

I had such high hopes. It is hard to let you go because of them. But nowhere on the planet would what you did be OK. I know this as human being with self-respect. And I know this because I too worked in the psychiatric field and did not play with my pets while assessing a client or offering therapy.

And then you boldly say to me with a smile, while your dog is in your lap, that people aren’t perfect and have bad days, inferring that your ridiculous behavior rests on me if I have a problem with it. That lack of character is a danger to me. To be taken advantage of then manipulated is unconscionable.




12 thoughts on “GOOD-BYE ADELE

  1. AS a therapist her behavior saddens me because our clients deserve great treatment, as a person I am sad for Adele because she missed an opportunity to build a relationship with a wonderful person! It takes courage to stand up for ourselves, thank you for being that role model.


  2. patricia, i’m sorry it has come to this. but i think you did the right thing. she obviously has no regard for you or how you might feel. therapists are supposed to be mindful of their clients feelings and needs. she wasnt doing that. you are taking care of you. well done on that. xxx

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  3. I am so thrilled you are thru with her. I was SO mad at her, so disgusted with her unprofessional behavior that I didn’t want to comment at the time. I knew you would handle it in your beautiful inimitable way in your own time.

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