TRE-Trauma Release Exercises

Yesterday’s post linked to youtube about relaxing the psoas muscles. I tried the video and couldn’t get up off the floor. I can put my knees up, but arching my back caused pain. Ignoring my body’s cues I did it a few more times causing more harm than good. Arthritis prevents certain positions and movements in that area. While driving to a matinee (Girl on a Train), I became concerned about giving insufficient, sketchy or inaccurate information. 

Ann’s work seems to involve TRE. After investigating more, that involves a different set of exercises which I will try. I am not suggesting anyone else try these, just sharing as it fascinates me. I believe my body has stored everything that happened to it as a child.

After a quick scan of youtube videos, this one looks doable, but not the ones involving bending over at the waist or raising up my back while on the floor. 

The original TRE site is:


4 thoughts on “TRE-Trauma Release Exercises

  1. I have not watched it all, but from what I have seen in the first 8 mins of this, I would not do. From what I could hear, I did not see him mention about posture, so you are aware as you do this, what you should not be doing, for example making sure knee does does not bend over the foot.

    While I carried on typing this, with video still playing, I did see after the 8 minutes of when where he is crouching, using wall as support, which is a good one. If you are interested in doing exercises similar to this, then I would suggest pilates. Going to a pilates class for a good few lessons will make sure you are doing everything safely, as some moves you cannot do for conditions you have, because it can make it worse. So a good tutor will point all this out and give you a different move to everyone else if that is the case, so you are not left out.

    When you have had a good few lessons to start remembering them, you can then do them at home a your own leisure. Pilates is good for lots of things.


  2. So sorry you had trouble and pain Patricia!!! I originally bought a DVD off Amazon where Berceli explained why TRE helps with PTSD. He shows the warm up exercises and then how to do it. At the end, people share how it worked for them. When I saw a WWII veteran say TRE finally allowed him to sleep at night, I thought I’d give it a try and, as you know, it’s helped me so much.

    I’m not hawking the DVD or anything. Just sharing how I learned to do it. (I heard of it originally on myptsd dot com.)

    I just got back from Phoenix and am on my iPhone. I didn’t check the video yet so I don’t know what is shown there. I’m not sure what the arched back refers to. I’ll look into it a bit later.

    Again, so sorry if your tries brought discomfort. It should not. It should be super safe.

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