Thank you to fellow bloggers because information shared is so helpful. And especially so this morning. 

Thank you Ana for both sharing your own story, but also directing me to this article so fitting to my recent sadness over the loss of closeness with siblings. It’s always been an issue but has become especially poignant lately. The last line of the article says it all, though the entire article is very helpful and interesting.  

-the legacy of the dysfunctional family is not just the emotional trauma caused by parental abuse or neglect but also and significantly, a toxic disruption of the normal loving bonds that siblings would otherwise share.-

Thank you Ann for discussing a set of muscles, the PSOAS muscles, the ones so intertwined with PTS symptoms. I will try the easy exercises I discovered on youtube to relax them. And thank you for introducing me to your cactus friend. He does seem kind… 

Back to home-life briefly. I am graped out! This years crop of purple grapes exploded. Samuel helped and we spent all afternoon picking on a crisp cool sunny day. He took one side of the vines and we worked our way down.

I have been enjoying the grapy aroma over the last few weeks during meadow walks as the grapes ripened. The aroma so close was heady and intoxicating making the job a unique pleasure. Curious noises came from the hedgerow trees, maybe squirrels disrupted from their nut shelling work by our presence?

Bags and baskets brought in took many trips. A friend took half and I feel relieved they would not go to waste. Then hours more were spent slipping them out of their skins and sieving out the seeds for pies over the winter. There is still a counter full left today which I will make into juice.

Thank you Mother Nature!


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